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VCA (WOOF on NASDAQ) is a leading provider of pet health care services in the country delivered through our family of over 680 small animal veterinary hospitals (VCA Animal Hospitals) in the US and Canada, our preeminent nationwide clinical laboratory system that services all 50 states and Canada (Antech Diagnostics), and the leading animal diagnostic imaging company in the market (Sound).

VCA has an excellent reputation in the pet health care industry and many things of which to be proud. We have established the largest small animal private practice post-graduate education program for veterinarians in the world, and employ the largest group of veterinary specialists of any veterinary care company. We are proud to have over 3,000 veterinarians, and more than 14,000 skilled pet care providers, support staff and managers on our team - all working to ensure that patient care, accurate and timely diagnostics, and quality medical outcomes are job #1.

VCA Animal Hospitals:

VCA Animal Hospitals, a division of VCA, currently owns and operates over 680 hospitals in 41 states and 3 Canadian Provinces, 83 of which provide referral specialty care. We employ more than 3,000 veterinarians, of which over 400 are board-certified specialists. We also operate 28 internship programs; training 161 interns this year, and we currently have 60 residents in training.

VCA Mission

"Where your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal."

At VCA, we strive to provide the finest quality pet health care and excellent client service in a warm and friendly environment. We build our client's confidence and trust in our abilities by demonstrating our genuine effort to exceed each pet owner's expectations. The strength of VCA lies in the close connection between the VCA Animal Hospital network and Antech Diagnostics, the clinical laboratory system. The combination of the two entities gives VCA a unique position in the pet health care industry and allows us to give our clients the highest level of service possible today. We strive to give you and your pet an affirmative experience each time you visit one of our facilities.

In 2006 we had more than 4.9 million pet visits at VCA Animal Hospitals and provided clinical laboratory services to over 14,000 small animal hospitals nationwide. Together VCA Animal Hospitals and Antech Diagnostics provide excellence in veterinary medicine and diagnostics to a majority of our nation's pets. Our knowledge and service have earned us the trust and loyalty of a continually growing number of satisfied pet owners.

The core philosophy of VCA is simple, but convincing. You love your pet. As a caring pet owner you only want the best for your pet. Unfortunately pets can't talk and even the most caring pet owners may not know everything it takes to keep their pets in optimum health, so that they can lead a long, happy and healthy life. At VCA, we can provide you with the knowledge it takes to make sure your pets feel their best.

So, whatever your pets can't tell us, diagnostic testing can.

The importance of diagnostic testing in veterinary medicine cannot be overemphasized. For this reason in particular, the synergy between VCA Animal Hospitals and Antech Diagnostics allows us to offer the greatest attention to our clients, as well as giving our doctors the best resources for diagnosing and treating your pets.

Between VCA and Antech Diagnostics we employ over 3,000 doctors in our combined network. Our size and buying power allows our hospitals and laboratories to have some of the best products and equipment available to veterinarians. Doctors send samples such as blood, urine, cultures, biopsies and radiographs to Antech Diagnostics and the results are returned to the hospitals, in most cases, within a few hours. If a veterinarian has a specific question, the lab has board-certified specialists available for telephone consultation. These consultants provide advice on the interpretation of results, prognosis and treatment at no additional charge to the hospital or client.

In addition, our unique management support system frees doctors to devote themselves fully to our pet patients, while our support staff takes care of administrative tasks.

At VCA we take our mission statement - Your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal - very seriously. So, when you visit one of our VCA Animal Hospitals or have tests conducted at our laboratories, you can rest assured that you and your pet are at the center of our attention.

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VCA History

VCA was founded in 1986 under the name "Veterinary Centers of America", with the goal of creating a company that would be the leader in providing veterinary care for pets across the country. VCA started with the purchase of one premier animal hospital - VCA West Los Angeles in 1987. At that time, VCA was owned by a group of private investors. Over the years, VCA grew to become the largest pet health care provider in the country. Under our new name, VCA, we now operate over 600 animal hospitals in 41 U.S. states and Canada and provide diagnostic services to over 14,000 independent hospitals nationwide. In 2001, VCA became a publicly owned company. VCA stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol WOOF. The VCA family is continually growing and Corporate Headquarters are located in West Los Angeles. From this location we centralize various administrative functions, offer marketing support and negotiate purchasing contracts for the benefit of our hospitals and laboratories.

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Bob L. Antin, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman

Bob Antin, has served as our Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman since the inception of VCA in 1986. Previously, Mr. Antin was President, Chief Executive Officer, Director and co-founder of AlternaCare Corp., a publicly held company that owned, operated and developed freestanding out-patient surgical centers in the human health care sector.

Before founding AlternaCare, Mr. Antin was an officer for American Medical International, Inc., which owns and operates human health care facilities. During his tenure at American Medical International, Inc., Mr. Antin initially served as Director of Marketing of Professional Hospital Services. He then became the Director of New Business Development, where he was responsible for non-hospital related acquisitions and development. Later, Mr. Antin operated a chain of ambulatory care centers as Vice President of American Medical International, Inc. and President of AMI Ambulatory Center, Inc., which is a subsidiary of American Medical International, Inc. Mr. Antin received his MBA with a certification in hospital and health administration from Cornell University.

Mr. Antin is a supporter of the Santa Monica Little League as well as the AYSO League, he is an avid golfer and enjoys playing basketball. His family owns a cat named Kaci.

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Arthur J. Antin, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President, Secretary and Director

Arthur Antin, has served as our Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President, Secretary and a Director since the inception of VCA. Previously, he served as Director of Marketing/Investor Relations for AlternaCare Corp., a publicly held company that owned, operated and developed freestanding out-patient surgical centers in the human health care sector. While at AlternaCare Corp., Mr. Antin developed and implemented marketing strategies for a network of outpatient surgical centers.

Mr. Antin also has a background in education and education administration, working as both a teacher and principal in the New York area. Mr. Antin received an MA in Community Health from New York University and has attended post-graduate programs at Columbia University.

Mr. Antin is on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. He also serves as a Board Member of NewRoads School.  Mr. Antin enjoys playing basketball and golf. His family has a certified therapy dog named Vinny.

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Neil Tauber, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Development.

Neil Tauber has served as our Senior Vice President of Development since the inception of VCA. Previously, Mr. Tauber was the Director of Corporate Development at AlternaCare, a publicly held company that owned, operated and developed freestanding out-patient surgical centers in the human health care sector. At AlternaCare, Mr. Tauber was responsible for the acquisition of new businesses and syndication to hospitals and physician groups.

Prior to joining AlternaCare, Mr. Tauber served as Chief Operating Officer of MDM Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediq, a publicly held human health care company. He was responsible for operating and developing a network of retail dental centers and industrial medical clinics. Mr. Tauber holds an MBA from Wagner College.

Mr. Tauber enjoys playing basketball and his family has a dog named Bocce.

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Tomas W. Fuller, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

Tomas Fuller joined VCA in January 1988, shortly after the founding of the company. He began his tenure with VCA as Vice President and Controller. Mr. Fuller has been the Chief Financial Officer for VCA since November 1990.

Prior to joining VCA, Mr. Fuller worked at Arthur Andersen LLP. During his last two years with Arthur Andersen, LLP, he served as audit manager. Mr. Fuller received his BA in business/economics from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Mr. Fuller enjoys surfing and shares his home with a Chi-mix named Simon and three cats.

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