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Pet Food Pantry

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Why I Volunteer for a Pet Food Pantry

Published by Admin in Charities, Lifesaving, Lifestyle, Pet Food Pantry, Pets, VCA Animal Hospitals January 11, 2017

By: Cath Juliano | Sunrise Veterinary Group |West Islip, NY   Every day, I drive past Long Island Cares, a food pantry on Long Island, and realize how fortunate I am.  Regularly, I recognize people from my neighborhood: “That’s a guy I went to school with,” I think to myself. I see clients from the animal hospital walk through...

Pet Food Pantry Program Serves 1.5 Million Meals to Pets in Need

Published by Admin in Charities, Diet, Dogs, Lifesaving, Pet Food Pantry, Pets, VCA Animal Hospitals December 21, 2016

  VCA Charities and Hills Pet Nutrition came together on December 14th, 2016 to celebrate the giving of its 1.5 millionth meal to pets in need through the Pet Food Pantry Program. The celebration took place in New York at the All Souls Church and marked a significant milestone for the program. About the Pet Food Pantry Program...

Pet Food Pantry Winter Food Drives

Published by Admin in Cats, Charities, Dogs, Holidays, Pet Food Pantry, Pets November 17, 2016

VCA Charities and Hills Nutrition have teamed up once again for the Pet Food Pantry Winter Food Drive in Sacramento, CA. Although the Pet Food Pantry provides pet food throughout the year in partnership with other food pantries for the homeless, the Winter Food Drive provides a chance for other much needed donations to come in and be...

Pet Food Pantry Program – VCA Charities

Published by Admin in Charities, Pet Food Pantry October 26, 2016

VCA Charities mission is simple and direct…”help pets in need”.  It was founded with the clear mission of making a difference in the lives of pets in need.  VCA Charities continues to stride towards this mission by supporting programs, organizations, and causes that promote pet healthcare education, proactive veterinary care, proper pet nutrition, and prevention of cruelty to...