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Breed of the Week – Khaomanee

Published by Admin in Breed of the Week, Cat Breed, Cats, Lifestyle, Pets, shorthair January 26, 2017

This Thailand native is pure bliss and carries the name Khaomanee (pronunced “cow-mah-nee”) with pride. Since the name translates to “white jewel”, this means they are beautiful and priceless. With nicknames such as jeweled cat and diamond eye, it’s no secret that these cats eyes are one of a kind. The Feline Facts Ancestors / Breeding:  Naturally bred Origin:  Thailand...

#VCAPets of the Week – January 20, 2017

Published by Admin in #VCAPets, Cats, Dogs, Lifestyle, longhair, Pets, shorthair, VCA Animal Hospitals January 20, 2017

Every week we take a look at the VCA Pets shown around social media and check in to see how they are doing. As you can see, between office visits, fun adventures and lots of lounging, there is tons to see! Check out these awesome pets shown through the pics provided by their awesome pet parents. #VCAPets / January 13th –...

United States Shorthair Cat Breeds

Published by Admin in Cat Breed, Cats, Pets, shorthair December 9, 2016

Cat enthusiasts may easily identify a cat’s breed at first glance. However, with so many cat breeds throughout the world, many are harder to identify. Also, where many cat breeds originate from is a mystery to most cat fanciers. For this reason, we will be breaking down cat breeds by country, starting with the United States.  As so...

Breed of the Week – Exotic Shorthair Cat

Published by Admin in Breed of the Week, Cat Breed, Cats, Pets, shorthair November 12, 2016

Although most cat breeds are shorthaired, the Exotic Shorthair is in a class of its own. The name exotic can be a bit misleading however since this kitty was bred in the US around the 1960’s. This Persian lookalike comes with the same amount of cuteness and a lot less grooming. The Feline Facts Ancestors / Breeding:  Persian, Burmese,...