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United States Shorthair Cat Breeds

Published by Admin in Cat Breed, Cats, Pets, shorthair December 9, 2016

Cat enthusiasts may easily identify a cat’s breed at first glance. However, with so many cat breeds throughout the world, many are harder to identify. Also, where many cat breeds originate from is a mystery to most cat fanciers. For this reason, we will be breaking down cat breeds by country, starting with the United States.  As so...

Breed of the Week – Exotic Shorthair Cat

Published by Admin in Breed of the Week, Cat Breed, Cats, Pets, shorthair November 12, 2016

Although most cat breeds are shorthaired, the Exotic Shorthair is in a class of its own. The name exotic can be a bit misleading however since this kitty was bred in the US around the 1960’s. This Persian lookalike comes with the same amount of cuteness and a lot less grooming. The Feline Facts Ancestors / Breeding:  Persian, Burmese,...